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Hortansa cake dessert

Hortansa cake dessert

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Sheets: I used a tray with dimensions of 24/36 cm, lined with baking paper, I baked 3 sheets of the following composition. The egg whites with a pinch of salt, I mixed them well, then I added the sugar little by little and I mixed until I obtained a strong meringue. In the egg whites, I incorporated with slow movements, ground walnuts, flour and ammonia. I divided it into 3 equal parts and baked 3 sheets. The oven preheated to 180 degrees C, be careful that it bakes very quickly, it must brown a little, take it out and let it cool, then, with the help of a knife with a wide blade, carefully peel it off the baking paper. Do the same for the 3 sheets.

Cream. In a double-bottomed saucepan, put the yolks and sugar to mix well, then add the starch and dilute with milk, put on the fire and stir continuously until the cream thickens. Separately, mix the butter at room temperature. The yolk cream is left to cool, then it is added over the butter, a little as much as I put, we mix carefully not to cut it.

Krantz. Caramelize the sugar, then add the walnuts and mix well, pour over an oiled bottom and flatten, let cool, then put in the food processor and grind well.

Assembly: In the tray in which we baked the sheets, we put food foil, we place the first sheet and we spread a part of the cream, we place the second sheet, we spread the cream, the third sheet and on top the rest of the cream, then we sprinkle the crushed krant, let it cool, until the next day, when we portion the cake.

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